Thursday, October 14, 2010

Birthday, bass guitar and the flux in time!

It has been wonderfully hectic here lately, I love being on the go, especially with this wonderful warm sunny weather we have had lately - it really helps energy levels!
Some of our favourite people stayed with us for a little holiday and we had great fun, late nights, early mornings and fantastic food. We visited Healesville Sanctuary, again, I love our FOTZ membership. It means we can pop in whenever we feel like it and all without feeling you have to drag tired kids around all day to get your full value!
That is perfect for both kids and adults! 
Myself, Trish, Fiann and Wednesday
We had beautiful days to enjoy the Sanctuary, and all the animals were all out enjoying the sun too!
Here is one of the beautiful Brolgas.
Olga the Brolga?
Also my daughter, Maeve, celebrated her 8th birthday...several times...I braved the city traffic alone with a car full of young, over-excited screechy girls and did NOT get lost in a very new part of Melbourne - this is totally amazing!!! 
Starting off on Bungie trampoline
We went here for most of the day and although it was much smaller and less impressive than it's website, the girls had a really great time. Bungie Trampoline
Our birthday girl is really enjoying her guitar lessons and has shown a really strong interest in bass lines for a while now so...we went shopping for a bass guitar. I have to say we all feel spoilt to have this wonderful instrument in our home! If Fiann and I learn instruments too maybe we could become
the next Partridge family...did I say that out loud?
I loathed the Partridge family!
Maeve's New Bass Guitar 3/4
Also I have finished my Health and Safety training too - hooray! I spent too long reading the manual, trying to grasp it's 'hip' lingo just so I wouldn't look like too big an idiot in front of work mates. Boy, oh boy the language gets quite mind boggling in these manuals although I can see its value. It did offer a clear system to analyse critical points in any processes that need control.
After 8 years with my kids at home and never working in hospitality/produce before, I did manage not to feel like the proverbial fish out of water in this last training session...I kept up well. Which was a great boost!
However...remember when the clocks went forward... recently...I was the very clever woman who turned up at work an hour later than I believed it was...for a while that is...until my manager came in on his day off to tell me I should have opened 10 mins earlier! Just great! I am still blushing.
Can I just say that I find this daylight savings clock changing time always a little disorientating!
My dear husband is still saying things like 'it's only 7.30 real time'.
I can't work like this - I need to know only 1 time at a time! Big sigh!
Thanks for stopping by, take care!

Michele xxx


trixi said...

Hi Michele,

Seems you have been rather busy (and brave, taking a party to Wonderland)!

Have a happy (sunny) weekend.

P.S I don't believe you didn't like the Partridge family...wasn't everybody secretly in love with David!

Kylie said...

I'm so with you on the changing time thing, it always takes me at least a week or two to feel somewhat normal. Sound like you had a lovely time with your friends. Cheers^_^

Miss Prudence said...

Yay the FOTZ! We used to adore ours too, we would let the kids pick three animals to see and then we would chooff off! Everyone happy and no cranky kids being dragged around to get the full "fare's worth" in.....
looks like a great birthday bash!