Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Thinking about

I have found a personal blog is just perfect for collecting inspiration, a place for space free filing, not to mention it extends my memory.
A couple of my favorites are:

Lisa Roet I saw this artist on Artscape ages ago and was transfixed, I love her respect for our closest relatives and anything that reminds us of our own evolution in this age of Mass extinction is good.
Lisa's compassion shows in her art and displays such a deep respect of primates.
Her conversation with 'Pansy' the talking Ape is deeply touching and there is also footage of the space chimp, ' Ham '. The look on this chimps face when he arrives safely back to our planet is really telling.

Maggie Taylor is another I would like to remember, her work is beautifully dream like. The Girl in a Bee dress is especially lovely.

And for inspiration on responsible sustainable farming:
The Real Dirt on Farmer John

I hope you are having a good day and are finding lots of inspiration, thanks for dropping by!


Kate said...

Oh yay! farner John came here a couple of years ago. He had a tour of our place and then ate dinner with us. He is one great guy. Totally inspiring.

Happydacks said...

How fantastic! What a great community!