Monday, December 20, 2010

A weekend away!

We went away last weekend to georgous Daylesford - first time we have been away without any kids, together, in way too many years...We stayed at a great little place in Musk Creek.
The special occasion was my brother Michael's wedding, he and his beautiful partner Jess have been together for a good 13 years, just a little test run first! The wedding was absolutely enchanting, they make such a beautiful couple, their ceremony was intimite and relaxed, it was wonderful to be part of their day. Congratulations Michael and Jess! I caught up with some of my favorite people in the world, made some new friends and enjoyed the picturesque venue!
As updates came in from our great babysitters however, relaxing was a little tricky, for at Nana Belle's it was not so relaxed! The first night we were away my son thew up, and my daughter had a big temperature so no one slept well. The next morning Fiann vomited again, in between Nana's visitors no less...then Maeve started to develop spots, very quickly there was no doubt...chicken pox! Oh for Gods sake, this was truly crap luck and way beyond the call of duty. I offered to come back but mum was so reassuring and wonderful to insist that there was nothing more we could do and we had better "just relax and enjoy our break"! What a Super Nana Belle, thank you so much! also big thanks to (Alan) Pop, too!!!
Here are some photos of the lovely couple!

Dad, Jess, Michael and Maureen

Is that the ring finger?

Michael and Jess in Lavender

Weather cool and closing in!

P.S. I wanted to go to Daylesford Organics and The Lark and other great places but some how our energy was not up for it!

Next time!
We did get to Cliffy's twice which was inspirational!!!
Chele xx

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