Sunday, January 31, 2010

Holiday photos

Fresh water - straight from Mt Donna Buang

O'Shannassy Aqueduct Trail

Tail Gator

Warburton river walk



O'Shannassy Aqueduct Trail


Fiann's drawing

We have had some great fun these holidays but, only one more sleep untill school!!! Woo hoo!
I hope everyone else is doing ok!
Michele x

Friday, January 22, 2010

Wonderful Super Ninon Softies

I am loving Ninon's cute and bizarre softies, they have such character and all have a little strange 'side show flare'
The machine embroidery on Cicco Dickinson's face is really great and dig his moustache and hair! You can find more of Ninon's work at the links below.
Big cartel
ninon blog
Flickr Super ninon

Sylvius K.K. Pennarelli

The Cherrybomb Family

Cicco Dickenson

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

I need this like...

Meet me at Mikes is full to the brim with inspiration! There is much wit and down to earth advice, heaps o great links, yummy recipes and also super crafty encouragement.
But, today I followed Pip's link to Looklet.
Curse it! As she says, she is a bad influence...but she is grown up about it and can say sorry!
Bad, Naughty Pip!
Looklet is like dress ups for grown ups - it is pretty fun!
Have a go, and curse her too, I dare you!

If I was trim, I would be dressing in this original ensemble, don't laugh, I am serious!
Michele x

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Flinders street is turning 100!

Photo source

I found this great post over at Little Birdsville about the group Depot of Creative Industry banding together to use space inside Flinders street station that has been locked up and not utilized for many many years.
Parts of Flinders street station badly need repair and then after renovation a viable use.
It is a great idea and I imagine if the building was restored and accessible it could be a real attraction for Melbournians and tourists alike.
It is one of the most iconic buildings we have here in Victoria, sadly it has not been appreciated in the past and a great portion of it was demolished in the 1980's. There have been proposals over the years, a number of them described here. I do hope the ‘Depot’ succeeds, and I have signed up for any news on how they go - why don't you get involved too? All support is more than welcome I am sure! Jump on board and pass it on!

Also do have a look at -

Jenny Davies book Beyond the Fa├žade celebrating Flinders street station's 100th year, sounds great. Jenny's own grandparents met at the flinder st station ballroom and the book details the uses of this marvellous building over the decades. In its heyday, there were classrooms, a gymnasium, billiards room, libraries, games room and a lecture hall/ballroom. It would be fantastic for this building to be restored, and again offering these important recreational/public activities. It would be socially more valuable than just turning it into just another large shopping centre!

Thanks for reading!
Michele x
P.S. Counting down the days untill school/kinder starts again!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Tiny Little Houses

Fiann's little house

We finally got around to making Trixi's tiny traveling dolls houses Yay! There is even a flickr photo pool here, make one and join in!
I have wanted to do some for a while now and finally got the chance, they were really great fun to do! The kids chose their fabrics and pretty much did them by them selves. Maeve and I cut up most of the bits for the houses and we did help Fiann with the glue. (his would have turned into a glue house otherwise)
I love doing craft with my kids but I am tempted to make one just for know, get all fussy and spend a great deal of time on I have the time!
Or maybe I could make a diorama inspired by M* and her sweet little room? Look at the arm chair and the chandelier. So clever and cute! She put hours into this and can't you tell...I just love it to bits!

Take care out there, I hope the weather is not too difficult where you or cold!
Last nights lowest temperature in Melbourne was 32...oh boy...looking forward for that cool change.

Michele x

I've been to spice heaven in my own kitchen!

Ras El Hanout
Ras El Hanout is a blend of spices and herbs used in Moroccan cooking, the name Ras El Hanout translates to 'top of the shop' - I guess it's like saying 'Top shelf!'
Some blends can have 100+ ingredients and varies from person to person, shop to shop. I recently bought a blend by
Herbies spices They do a great little packet of this special Moroccan blend of spices and herbs that smells and tastes heavenly. (40g pkt would make 12+ serves) Herbies own recipe of spices/herbs is quite simple and mild and is really not hot at all so don't be put off if you are a bit of a sook with the hot stuff! It contains Paprika, Cumin, Ginger, Coriander Seed, Cassia, Turmeric, Fennel Seed, Allspice, Cardamom Green, Dill Seed, Galangal, Nutmeg, Orris root, Bay Leaves, Caraway Seed, Cayenne, Cloves, Mace, Black Pepper, Brown Cardamom, Whole Kashmiri Saffron Stigma. Unlike some traditional recipes for the spice/herb blend he has left out the Hashish and the Spanish Fly.
Herbies have some great products...I think I want a job with these guys as well!! Mmmmmm!
We used the suggested recipe and even though I thought these ingredients were a little odd and I really don't dig cooked carrots...this was absolutely outstanding! I recommend everybody rush out right now and grab some, it is such a treat for your tastebuds!
I really love this blend, I will be looking to try other meats/veggies with it and I am going to make my own Ras El Hanout blend so I can make a much larger quantity...only problem is what recipe to choose?
Thanks Greg for the above spicy photo, would have been great being surrounded by those lovely spices!!

Thanks for stopping by!
Michele x

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Hi from all of us,
I hope your holidays are full of lots fun and some relaxation!!??
Here are photos of some of our wonderful bike rides lately.
I am absolutely exhausted tonight as it was an extra big ride today!
We loved it so much though!

Cyclist supreme

Along the Warburton trail are really wonderful views, it is the perfect incentive for me to exercise...and I really, really need that!

Warburton Trail

Boy do I have a sore Butt though! Today Maeve and I covered 22 + kms! I think that is outrageous, 1 - because it sounds like a lot and 2 - because it did not feel like it!!

One of the many bridges on the Warburton trail

It is a fairly cruisy ride, not many hills to challenge us too much and with drinks and munchies along the way it was like a travelling picnic.

Cute old shed

Maeve would go again right now if she could - healthy, crazy or hyperactive...I am not sure which! Good on her though!

As we were riding Maeve was pondering many ways in which she could drink eat and sleep on the trail...definitely a Obsessive Compulsive. Good stuff!

Warburton - Yarra river

What a champion performance for a 7 year old! Such energy!

River dip

We had a couple of paddles along the way in the little Yarra and the Yarra River, just perfect as it was quite warm (the weather - not the water)

Love to you all!

Michele xx

P.S. If you are like me and need to trim bits...and you have an slight inkling to ride a it - it is so great!
It does not have to be an uphill ride to make a difference and really it is just so enjoyable surrounding yourself in nature and cycling.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

A Very Happy Healthy 2010 to You!

Bike riding near Kilara (warby trail)

I hope everyone had the greatest Christmas ever
and have all eased, gently into your New Year
if you did have a bash and thumped into 2010 head on, that you have recovered really well by now!

We had a lovely Christmas and a very laid back, quiet New Year, it was just right for us this year. Apart from missing a couple of dear friends who were otherwise 'hectically' busy - big hugs to Michael and Phil!
My 95 yr old Nan had such a special time, surrounded by people who love her dearly, it was just so lovely to see her happy on Christmas day. Some of her Christmases past she has had an ass of a relative show up...seemingly just to upset her! So the fact that this year he kept to himself made everyone relax and be very thankful. Having 'issues' with your 95 year old mum is SO very wrong! Poor Ronny, I hope he can make amends before she is gone!

We have all really been enjoying bike riding again.
Geoff got a new bike this year for Christmas...isn't Santa the best.
And Fiann, AKA Mr. Couch potato, even though is still on his training wheels peddled for an hour plus the other day...very happily...magic! Miss Maeve is our biggest devotee and even after impressive stints of 3 + hours riding, she is always keen to go again...almost straight away. In fact, she NAGS me to go for another ride! You've Gotta Love That! I do have the cycling bug too...but I also have an older 'butt' and realize that after 3 + hours there is a risk of losing all feeling in my legs if I keep going, I think I need to get a gel seat!

In 2010 I will be looking forward to lots more bike riding, catching up with good friends, acquiring more sewing skills, enjoying my new job, making more friends both where I live and in blog land and being WAY more organized...fingers crossed!

Lots of love to you all!
Chele xx