Friday, April 30, 2010

Catching up on some couch craft!!!

Scarf on the way

Maeve and I are all snuggled up on the couch today, watching movies, doing our knitting/embroidery and keeping nice and warm. I have been throwing together all the wool from my stash that in are shades of grey and black, to make a scarf. It is all mostly 8 ply but, some are thicker and some are even fluffy, I am using it all regardless.
Maeve is working on an embroidery pattern by Andrea Zuill, it is a cute little Gnome, it is a free pattern and is found over here. Andrea's blog is Badbirds, I really love her DOOM GIRLS, go check them out.
I wondered why I have been feeling SO incredibly tired and generally crap from time to time lately...after I finally went to the doctor and stopped just talking about going to the seems I have bronchitis.
Oh wow! I had no idea. I guess, in comparison, I will feel much better soon!
Michele x
P.S. Geoff took Maeve to the doctor this morning for a visit and thankfully she only has a cold...not bronchitis...phew! We missed school photos today though...SAD!

Maeve snuggled up with some embroidery

Andrea Zuill free embroidery pattern

Sunday, April 25, 2010

On a crafting roll

Shower caps waiting to be finished

I am determined that I will NOT buy any presents ever again, that I will hand make something for everyone...I am doing well so far!
The trick, I find, is to have a stash of things finished so I can not use the old “I did not have time to make something” excuse!
For our young friends recieving shower caps I have added a mini shower cap, especialy for their dolls with a tag with describing what it is...just in case they didn't guess they were shower caps. Here is a pile of little ones awaiting the elastic bit!
I followed Liesl's tutorial - it's in my side bar or -
Liesl, aka Hoppo Bumpo, is also running a class making her shower caps inclusive of all materials, including a gorgeous piece of limited-edition, hand screenprinted Pippijoe fabric. Don't they look really swisho!!

T-shirt re-vamp

I am also vamping up a plain white t-shirt for Maeve, with a scrap of black fabric with a little bit of that double sided iron on 'stuff'
(I forget its name but it IS MAGIC - spotlight have it)
I sketched and cut out the silhouettes, ironed them on and now they are about to be stitched.
I think I had better change my machine's needle so it is nice and sharp, so hopefully I keep that neat sharp edge...bit worried about it messing up! Also have been toying with the idea of putting the black daisy trim around the sleeves. Is that overkill?
Maybe then I might make one for myself too, I think I'd wear that!!

We were hoping to go to the Anzac Day march in the city today to show our respect but alas we will be lucky just to leave the house!

I hope you have a warm weekend all you Melbourne people!
Michele xx

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Lavender Hearts are lovely...especially Beck's

Lavender Heart
I must have seen Dandelion's beautiful lavender hearts quite a while ago now, and I had made a mental note to myself to make some for my dear nan.
By the time I actually made some for my Nan (and some friends) last Xmas I had completely forgotten where I had originally seen the idea.
It was a weird feeling, I felt like I was stealing, even though I was not selling them but this is my post at that time.
When I came Beck's Dandelion blog again, I realized it must have been here that I had seen the hearts, and I contacted Beck to apologize. She, of course, was very gracious about it! It made me feel much better! Since contacting Beck, I feel fine about running them off for gifts now, but, personaly I would choose not to sell them myself.(and mine are not half as nice either)
But, I hope people will respect my honesty here, and that you do not mind me saying, the lavender heart idea is similar I think to something like bunting...I wonder if the first person to make bunting is still feeling ripped off by us all for rattling some off ourselves.

With much respect to Beck at Dandelion and also to you all
Michele xx (aka Happydacks)

P.S. I did suggest to Beck that she should seriously go after anyone trying to emulate her sweet bunnies though!!!

Friday, April 23, 2010

Hello, hat weather where are you?

I made this warm hat for a good friend's little girl. It's made from a jumper I felted and have had tucked away forever. I have not done much with felted jumpers so far but, I am totally inspired by the fantastic ways people find to utilise unwanted woollen garments...not so pleased with the fact that 100% wool jumpers at op shops do not seem so cheap these days!
I am now in the process of making a pair of warm slippers for Fiann.
There are so many great ideas out there in Blogland about how to reconstruct with felted jumpers, this book is awesome.
Modeling today is my lovely old doll, Dolly, ok, not such an original name. She used to have one of those strings you pulled to make her speak, I still love her so much...I really must get her fixed!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

More of the home made

More Wheat bag friends

I have been on a bit of a roll with these guys...Every kid needing a present these days is getting one...just about!
It was really good heat bag weather here of late but has warmed up again in the last week... but we will be needing a warm friend soon enough.
I need to come up with something for the boys 5+, me thinks this might be thought a little young.
These is based on a pattern from Loobylu and was found in Meet me at mikes 1st book and in Frankie magazine 28

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Easter in Echuca

Our family had a great holiday with some fantastic friends in Echuca this Easter...we did not want to leave! Holidays always go too fast!
Echuca fire works Easter 2010
We went for a ride on the Pride of the Murray and saw some amazing old paddle boats that are being brought back to their former glory.

The scenery was both beautiful and environmentally telling.

The Easter Bunny's chocolate was found and almost consumed before breakfast...that afternoon was a little touch and go.
Fiann, Wednesday and Maeve
Sandy Camp, the place we stayed was most comfortable and we had everything we needed and the sunsets were truly gorgeous.
I hope you all had a wonderful break too.
April10 046