Monday, February 28, 2011

Assorted fun

We have been out hunting blackberries!
Blackberry hunting with Derek
We were very well rewarded for our efforts!!
Blackberry feast
I have been rewarding myself for working like a fool to whip this house of ours into shape with some cheap and cheery Dahlias.
Dahlia love
Thanks to all the sorting going on around here I found these cards again, so I could share this card with Jim! I am interested to hear some interesting history of the deck.
Some of my favorites in the deck
Jack of Hearts
I got out bike riding 3 times last week...I did get absolutely soaked one day but didn't care! I love to ride and love the Warburton Trail!
On the trail
Its great fun when Maeve rides with me.
More clouds
We had a great time at the Berwick Show again this year, all the animals were looking beautiful - I wonder if the cattle had had dye used on their coats - the colours seemed outrageously deep and bright!
Maeve and I went on a couple of the crazy rides...I still have bruises from the Bad Boys II - the mad, dangerous, fun but potentially uninventive way of joining the Darwin awards! Needless to say, I will not be going on that one again. 
Ferris Wheel - Berwick Show
I am really enjoying Fiann's drawings.
Cute man
Really missing spending hours checking out the inspirational blogs out there, there seems so much to do here! I have not even been sewing. Prioritys sure are a drag.
Thanks for dropping by, I will dedicate some time soon xxx

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