Friday, April 22, 2011

7 Acre Rock and some Fancy Pumpkins

The kids and I went to 7 acre rock recently. First we drove way past the car park and got to see some extraordinary landscapes. The amount of fire-affected forest was amazing, alongside these scenes are totally flattened and 'trashed' tracts of land where the logging methods have left nothing except smoldering scrapped wood and exposed top soil. It was quite eerie - the destruction from both fire and logging was awesome. We pulled the car over to let a logging truck overtake us, only once thankfully and did not feel too relaxed about stopping anywhere to take photos! This photo is a view from our walk, Fiann was feeling poorly, and we got caught in the rain, so we did not quite make it to the end, even though it's only 1km. I am so glad I packed a thermos of milo, it was just the thing we needed!

View along the way to 7 acre rock

We have some wonderful Heirloom Pumpkins from Willa at work at the moment, they look so gorgeous I had to take photos before they are all gone. The old varieties of fruit and vegetables are just so beautiful - we have had the nicest platters full of heirloom tomatoes over Summer supplied by a local Healesville lady. Saddly, I never did get a photo organised.

Pumpkins at Kitchen & Butcher

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Miss Prudence said...

It is such a shame that the original forms of these vegies are now a speciality...are we so obsessed with changing everything that we have to alter perfect fruit and vegies!

Glad you appreciate the purity

Have a happy easter , you and your clan! xx